Stretching Yoga Postures – Increase Your Height

Yoga not only gives strength to your body but also makes it fit it healthy. With a number of reliable exercises, yoga is one of the best and natural ways to stretch your body. Its different types of meditations are good to try out. In various photos and videos you can find yoga teachers and followers stretching their limbs. There are many yoga postures that require you to stretch your hands and legs. This practice can also help you become taller. Though such exercises may look little difficult, in reality they are very easy to follow. And if you do it on a regular basis, you will observe good results in your body within a few days. Commitment to yoga poses is essential for the better outcome.

If you have planned to start practicing yoga exercises, it’s better to being with stretching postures. Basic yoga stretching exercises can improve your tones, muscles and flexibility for better strenuous that will help you do every type of yoga workout without any problem. Then you will certainly feel changes in your body and get a feeling like a stronger individual. Let’s find out some of the useful stretching yoga exercises to improve your overall health.

Triangle Pose or Trikonasana:

While performing this exercise your body will get a triangular shape. It will strengthen the lower back and improve your body balance.

Janu Shirsasana:

This is a seated yoga exercise that can strengthen your entire body simply by stretching hamstrings, arms, legs and shoulders. The asana can improve your digestive system and stimulate your liver and kidney as well.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana:

This exercise is very simple to perform with a number of benefits. It can improve your body suppleness, strengthens your arms, legs and spine. Ultimately it makes you stronger and fit. The workout is also helpful in increasing your height.

Tree Pose:

You can make the legs and calf muscles stronger by practicing this yoga posture. It is also helpful in improving your entire body balance. Tree pose is also easier to perform on a daily basis.

Cat and Cow Postures:

Both of these poses are practiced at one time in a continuous manner. You just need to sit down on the floor in your knees and then do the rest of action.

Side Stretch:

Side stretch is simple to do yoga asana with highly effective results. It boosts height and gives relief from hectic.

Adhomukha Savasana:

In English Adhomukha Savasana is known as dog pose. It is really a good exercise for beginners who are not familiar with yoga. By learning this position your muscles will become stronger and it would help you become stronger for other yoga asanas.

These stretching yoga exercises are good for your overall health. By following asanas you can strengthen your muscles and provide enduring power to your body. This is good for getting physical strength. Even your kids can perform such exercises as they are natural and very safe.