Yoga Exercises To Increase Your Sperm Count

Infertility has become a common disease these days because of the busy and hectic lifestyle. It mainly occurs because of physical and psychological reasons. There can be a number of reasons of this disease including consumption of alcohol, anxiety, smoking cigarette, hormonal disorders, obesity, drug abuse, etc. The infertility also happens due to lack of sperm count.

Remember that artificial treatments can cause adverse effects as well. Therefore, it is always better to look for some natural treatments to get back your real power and become fertile. If you are the one who has been suffering from this problem, you can consider some natural ways like yoga exercises without any side effect. Yoga asana can help you improve your sperm count and fill new colors in your love life. Physical relationship with spouse will become better. And then you can also plan to have children.

How Yoga Is Helpful In Increasing Sperm Count:

Yoga asana helps to improve the blood circulation, increases the health of reproductive gland and keeps the high level of sperm count. Yoga exercises are also good for the entire health. Performing them regularly can improve both physical and psychological health.

Setu Bandhasana:

Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees and pull your spinal in the upward direction. Hold your legs from the bottom. Stay in this posture for a few seconds and then get back completely on the floor and relax.

Agnisar Kriya:

To do this exercise, first you need to stand straight and then bend your back front by holding your knees. Intake the breath as much as possible and pull your stomach inside. Hold the breath for a while. Exhale the breath completely and repeat this practice for 5 times.

Note: Those who have high blood pressure, heart problem, slip disc or peptic ulcers should refrain from doing this asana.

Bhastrika Pranayam:

Sit down on the floor with closed eyes. Your backbone should be straight while hands on the knees. Breathe in and out from the nostrils. Fill the lungs completely while inhaling oxygen and then empty it while exhaling. The exercise is good to boost your stamina.


Lie down straight on the floor. Raise your both legs and take them above your head. Touch the knees to your forehead. The toes need to touch the floor. During the asana your hands should be straight on the ground. Hold the breath while doing this exercise. Repeat the posture 10 times. It will not only improve your sperm count but also help in getting relief from spinal pain.


Ashwini Mudra:

Sit down on the floor keeping your spinal cord in a vertical position. Slowly and gradually raise the anus and lower abdominal area. This will give relaxation to your body. Repeat this fifty times and try to focus on the relaxation and muscular contraction.



Lie down flat on the floor on your stomach. Raise your legs behind and hold them from your arms. This exercise will make your body flexible. Hold your breath during this exercise to get more focused.


Benefits of Fertility Yoga Poses for Men:

Yoga is extremely beneficial to your body and mind. Its healing powers have capability to cure various health conditions. Experts have cited several clinical studies stating that male fertility can be increased with regular yoga exercises.

Stress Buster:

Practicing yoga on a regular basis is helpful in decreasing the cortisol level. It can make you feel more relaxed. Yoga asana acts like a true stress buster and has capability to provide relief from the hectic life. Yoga is a good practice to live a smooth and happy life.

Opens The Hip Joints:

Yoga exercises will make your hips stronger and flexible. Consequently, it will boost your power in the bedroom. Simple yoga asanas can add new flavors to your love life.

Stimulates Blood Flow In The Pelvic Area:

Stimulation of blood flow in the pelvic area promotes sexual hormone production. This is an essential aspect for men’s health.

Effects of Yoga:

Yoga not only helps infertile males but females as well. The fertility yoga includes some exercises to boost your sperm count and make you sexually more active. The yoga poses stimulate the hormonal system and improve the overall health of an individual. Yoga improves the functionality of glands to disseminate and boost hormones that lead to the optimal fertility.