Why Reservation for A Wealthy Child Like Tina Dabi – India Against Reservation‬?

Her grandfather took all the benefits of reservation to get a job in Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), her father took all the benefits of reservation to get a job in Indian Telecom Service as an engineer, her mother took all the benefits of reservation to get a job of an Engineer in Indian Engineering Service, and still Tina Dabi took the benefit of reservation to fill the IAS form from Schedule Caste (SC) category.

Does she really deserve reservation? Her parents are well-settled in their profession and they can really take care of her financial needs. So, why she still deserves the reservation? Will Tina’s children also take the advantage of reservation? Unfortunately, yes because there is no system in India to provide limited reservation. Many people from general category are poorer than Tina Dabi who actually need the government’s support to survive. But the blind system does not see anyone’s actual situation and provides reservation on the basis of caste.

On-going Jat ad Patel reservation agitations have already destroyed the economy of Haryana and Gujarat. Even well-established families want the reservation. In India, rich are actually becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer, which is the worst scenario for any society.


Media and Politician Support Reservation:

When Tina became the topper in the Civil Services Examination, media channels started applauding her not for her hard work, but as the first ever Dalit girl to become the topper in the civil services exam. I think she should be praised for her efforts and dedication, not for her caste and family background. There are instances when a few bunches of people raise their voice against reservation. During that point of time, the whole media and politicians speak against them. Eventually, they have to stop their voice in the pressure of powerful politicians and media personals.

This happens only in India. No other country in the world support caste-based reservation.Leverage is provided to a class of society and I am not against it. But there should be some limitation. Once the family becomes stable, they shouldn’t be allowed to take undue advantage of reservation.