Why Jews Are Intelligent Than Others

There are many noble price winner Jews who have done exceptionally well in their particular fields. They have reached to the higher ranks not only because of their extraordinary work and talent, but their better IQ (Intelligence Quotient) as well than others.

Intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews

Higher intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews has always been a subject of controversy. In 2005 there was a scientific paper proposed “Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence” stating that Ashkenazi Jews are better in mathematical and verbal skills than others but lacking in spatial knowledge.

Smartness of Jews

Jews are in higher job positions and working as scientist, doctors, engineers, lawyers and other prominent posts. A large of number of Jews’ population is working in higher ranked jobs, administration, top level politicians in the USA. Jews are very familiar with books. They study a lot of books and increase their knowledge on several things. Education is such a powerful tool that can improve one’s intelligence and Jews capitalize this aspect very well.