Why Indian Women Get Involved in Extramarital Affairs

Love is the prime need of every human being. Women also have rights to find their dream partner to satisfy their demands. But the concept of searching a second dream partner is not permissible in Indian society. What if the first partner is not acting like a dream man? Pre-marriage life is completely different than post-marriage. Romance in most of the cases gets lesser as the time goes on in a relationship. Women start feeling alone, disturbed and desperate for love. When they don’t get it from their life partner, they look for other options outside. Rich women have so many choices as they can look for paid sex to satisfy themselves. However, women from middle-class background have no such leverage. They certainly look for young boys and unmarried men who are desperate to make contact with physically well-structured women.

Men show more interest in their girlfriend but when they get married to their loveable girl (without whom they cannot live for a single moment before marriage) becomes avoidable woman (for whom they don’t have enough time to spend a single moment). This is one of the main reasons that lead to a situation when women start seeking another man.

Here comes a question in Indian culture wherein women were burnt along with the dead body of their husband. It is also important to find the reality first before blaming the women. Blaming women for everything is not always good. Extramarital affair in Indian society has become so common and females play a big role in this.

Husband Is In Extramarital Affair:

When a man come back home with the romantic face (unreal face from his real life), doubts start building in the woman’s mind. The first thing that strikes the mind is the extramarital affair. Women act like a detective and find evidence. If women find any hint of another girl in their husband’s life (even if it’s a rumour or just their suspicious behaviour), their approach totally changes for the life partner.

They start fighting with their husband. Sometimes, the situation even becomes worst when they think about divorce. The broken hearted women need someone’s shoulder to cry and share their feelings. They also start looking for another partner.

Married Indian women do not want to reveal that they are in the relationship with another guy. They just want to make a secret relationship. Therefore, they find men in different societies. To find the secret relationship, high-class women take help from clubs, specially made to find men and women who are interested in an affair. Women involved in extramarital affairs are more in metropolitan cities of India. In rural areas, women just look for an opportunity when nobody is nearby and they call up their boyfriend.

Think of a situation when a man is already tired after having fun with his girlfriend, he has no power or stamina to satisfy his wife at night in bed. His wife will certainly become desperate and move out to seek some handsome guy with a lot of power to provide ultimate pleasure. Married women show their interest in those men who don’t have the problem with their married life. First women inspect the men and try to find out whether they will not disturb their marital life because it can disturb women’s image in front of his husband, family, and the narrow-minded society.

More Extramarital Affairs of NRIs’ Wives:

Many men go abroad to earn money but forget to take their wife along with them. They find white beautiful girls in western countries. Their wives also come to know about their relationship because of their ignorance. Though women have plenty of money for shopping and other stuff, still they need someone whom they can share their feelings.

Those women are more in an extramarital relationship who stay along in their homes. Their husbands come to the home once in a blue moon. But the period is not enough to satisfy their needs. Women want someone who stays with them forever. If women are too old, they pay money to young boys to make the relationship with them. Many guys also become ready because their identity remains secret. The business of secret relationship is booming in metropolitan cities and many escort agencies are successfully providing this service.

Wives of army men are also in this league because their husband stays at the border for a long time. But brutal nights always ask something and women get desperate to look for some fun. They make up their mind to look for a secret partner.