Why Indian Women Are Interested in Extramarital Affairs

Love is the prime need of everyone’s life. Without love it’s really difficult to survive and stay happy. Women also look for a dream life partner and when they do not get the one whom they live happily, they look for alternatives.


The trend of outside marriage relationship among Indian women is also getting very common. Many young and old married women seek young boys and men to make a relationship. This way they choose a dream partner. However the concept of looking another partner is not allowed in Indian culture. Hence most of the extra marital affairs are made by hiding from society.

When women look for extra marital relationship:

  • Married men many times avoid their wife. They even do not spend enough time with them on bed. This arouses women’s feelings to get involved in an extra martial affair.
  • Domestic violence is very common in India. Husbands can be seen beating their wife and insulting them. This makes women to look for a love outside.
  • Women who have impotent husband are unsatisfied. They are not happy with their marital relationship. They want someone who can meet their physical needs so they find a stud to make them satisfied.
  • When husband is involved extra marital affair and wife comes to know about it but she is unable to do anything to rectify the situation then she gets depressed. During such condition she can look for some other partner.