Why Beef Ban Is A Right Move In India?

The beef ban in some parts of India has triggered off a new controversy in Indian politics. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government came into the limelight once again. Opposition parties and minority religious groups are targeting BJP, RSS, VHP and other Hindutva-inspired organizations to in force beef ban. In reality, this ban is boon for those who used to consume red meat as it will protect the human body from various health related concerns. Indirectly, this will help other religious people’s health.


Reasons To Avoid Beef:

Red Meat Can Lead to Cardiovascular Disease:

It has been found from a number of scientific researches that red meat is linked to heart diseases. Consumption of a large amount of red meat can cause cardiovascular diseases. Recently a scientific study proved that diseases from red meat do not occur from its cholesterol and saturated fats, but the gut microbes crumble into carnitine that develops trim ethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO). TMAO is connected with atherosclerosis which develops fat in your arteries that later on can be a reason of cardiovascular disease.

Cows Are Gracious Animal:

As a child, you drink cow’s milk and grow up. During your initial school days, your coloring book must be having cows on its pages. Do you remember a single day when the cow has ever hurt you? I think your answer is ‘No’. Then think again and avoid eating such a nice animal.

Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease:

When proteins like beta-amyloid and Tau pile up in a brain, either they break nerve cell or even kill them. This type of condition may lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. In a study at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) it has been found out that the accumulation of iron is another potential aspect that can cause Alzheimer’s Disease. But how does it relate to red meat? Red meat contains a huge amount of iron and its regular consumption can cause Alzheimer’s Disease.

Red Meat Can Cause Colon Cancer:

A number of scientific studies have demonstrated the connection between red meat and colon cancer. Consumption of red meat in high amount can increase the chances of colon cancer.

Beef Is Linked With Type Two Diabetes:

Access of red meat intake can be very dangerous and cause type two diabetes. If you consume red meat thrice a week, it increases the chances of diabetes by fifty percent.

Red Meat Is Not What It Was:

In today’s time, the quality of red meat is drastically changed. Meat is commonly pumped with a lot of hormones to grow it quickly and antibiotics are also used in it to avoid diseases. Though these drugs are tested and approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they may cause adverse effects as well. Excessive use of harmful chemicals in meat can be very dangerous for your health that should be avoided immediately.

Mad Cow Disease:

The initial discovery of mad cow disease was done in the United Kingdom in 1986 and later on it spread into a wider scale. It may lead to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease that can kill you within 14 months of diagnosing.