What You Must Know About Nose Rings and Piercing

Nose piercing is very ancient method to give a unique look by making a hole into nose. It has been used in many cultures throughout the world. In the last few decades, nose piercing has got enough popularity among youngsters. They just want to pierce their nose to appear different. Nose piercing has become the second mostly used piercing method after ear piercing. The increasing fame of nose piercing has made those people think about it who even have no connection with fashion.

Piercing is done by using cartilage instead of soft tissue. This is the reason why nose piercing commonly requires extra care to properly heal rather than ears. Noses like to develop ugly scars and take more time to heal in comparison to ears. They create healing problems that need to be resolved in time to avoid any major concern. That’s why you have to look for an experienced and knowledgeable nose piercing professional for this purpose to avoid any trouble. With the detailed information about nose piercing you can become familiar with it and choose the best way to pierce your nose.

What You Should Know About Nose Piercing

People have perception that after going through nose piercing their nose will get healed very soon. However, it’s just a myth. Pierced noses take more time to heal than pierced ears. An accidental snag or yank can cause scar tissue known as a keloid. Learning how to heal pierced nose can be useful to avoid keloids and infections. It is also essential to learn about nose piercing from genuine sources.

Before going through nose piercing, ensure to ask the body piercer about all precautions that he is going to take during the process of piercing. Aftercare is very crucial aspect that needs to be considered very seriously. Some states also have strict regulations and age limitation for nose piercing. So have a look at such cautions and then only opt for any piercing method.

About Nostril Piercing:

The most common piercing place on the nose is around the rim of nostril. Curved edge is the most common area in nose where most people want to get pierced. Jewelry inserted in the pierced area is a small size of ring or stud. Wearing a ring gives more chances to clean the area properly as it is possible to remove ring at any point of time. It is advised to wear steel or gold at least for three month after piercing. Avoid wearing sterling silver as it may leave a black mark.

Types of Nose Piercings:

The two most popular nose piercing are septum piercings and nostril piercings.

Septum Piercings: Such piercings are done at the middle of the nose with soft tissue between the bottom of spectrum and columella. The piercing part also divides nose. Ensure that spectrum piercings must not pass through the cartilage that could be very painful.

Nostril Piercings: Such kinds of piercings take place on either the right or left side of nostril. The piercing requires setting of small size of jewelries thru nostril.

There are some less popular piercing methods as well such as:

Rhinoceros Piercings: In these piercings a jewel is placed just behind the top of the nose. Piercing is done underside the nose. Different kinds of jewels can be placed after rhinoceros piercings.

Nasallang Piercings: Straight and long barbell is required for Nasallang piercings. A piercer enters through a nostril from outside that passes through the sweet spot.

Bridge Piercings: This is done between eyes, around the bridge of nose. It is very risky piercing and you have to be careful while doing so. Make sure to consult an experienced piercing professional for bridge piercing.

Types of Nose Rings That Fit Best with Nose Piercings:

Various types of nose rings are available for diverse nose piercings. Such jewels look extensive in nose and beautify wearer’s personality. All of them are not rings and their distinctive designs make them really attractive. For different piercings you can find different jewels. Nostril piercings generally look good with fishtails, nose bones and nose screws.

Below I will tell you about several nose piercing jewelries along with the types of nose piercings in which they can be worn.

Fishtails: When it comes to fishtails the best option that comes to mind is nostril piercings. Fishtail nose rings comprise a straight and long shaft with an embellished and attached top.

Nose Screws: A wide range of nose screws are available in the market to choose from. They are commonly used for nostril piercings. The jewelry comprises a short size of pin at one side of the top and the other side is beautifully curled into a circle.

Nose Bones: Beautifully designed and decorated top is connected to straight and short post which includes a ball made at the bottom tip. Nose bones are good for nostril piercings.

Hoop Nose Rings: Such rings are commonly used for septum and nostril piercings. They are easy to put in and show your glamour to the world. Hoop nose rings are mostly worn for septum and nostril piercings.

Labret Studs: Various kinds of labret studs are worn with nostril piercings. They are such a good option to outdated nostril piercing jewelries.

Circular Barbells: Circular barbells are also called as horseshoe rings which are useful alternative for septum piercings. They are usually easy to put in and out.

Straight Barbells: Beautifully designed jewelry for nasallang piercings, bridge piercings and rhino piercings.

Bent Barbells: Bent barbells are also called as curved barbells or banana barbells. They are good for rhino piercing and bridge piercings.