What is Burundanga?

Burundanga is also known as scopolamine. This is a type of drug which can be used for bad practices like robbery and rapes. In most common cases, burundanga pamphlets and business cards are used by criminals for illegal activities.

Even if the skin comes in contact with a simple touch to scopolamine, its little quality can be very dangerous and cause adverse effects.

Tablets/pills of burundanga are also mixed in drinks. This practice is usually called as “dating drug”. Many people also call burundanga as hyoscine and levo-duboisine.

Effects of Burundanga

  1. Basically scopolamine is used for medical purpose like treatment of sea-sickness.
  2. The drug is used by many astronauts including people who are in Skylab for healing motion sickness.
  3. It is a tested topical cure for Aquagenic pruritus.
  4. Patches of transdermal scopolamine are used to control drooling and too much saliva in people.

Side Effects and Usages of Burundanga

Recently many incidents have occurred due to malpractices of burundanga. Though it was found by scientists for medical treatment purpose, there are some culprits as well who buy burundanga and use it inappropriately. Unforeseen circumstances of burundanga email hoax also become common these days.

A few days back a case occurred in which a woman went to a filling station and a wicked man came and approached her. He just wanted to steal the lady’s money. The man stepped to her and told that I am into a business and offered his business card to her.

She was in hurry and did not want to waste her previous time to talk to him; so she took hold of the card and drive away. But burundanga was included in that business card. After driving a few miles she noticed that the same person following her on a motorbike. She got scared and moved her car in various directions. At the end, she lost her balance due to the effects of burundanga and met with an accident.

After that the robber took plenty of cash and jewelry from the fainted lady. This tale not only shows how thieves attack innocent people, but also tells a lesson that you should not take anything from strangers.


Burundanga or scopolamine is a beneficial drug made from burundanga plant, if it is in the hands of honest people. However, it can be dangerous too, if not used properly. Thus, it is necessary to protect yourself and adhere to some safety measures. Spread awareness as much as you can about scopolamine to help our society become free from its wicked activities.