Veena Malik Smoking and Drinking

Veena Malik Drinking and Smoking

Oh my gosh! What happened to Veena Malik? Which tension is bothering her to smoke? It is not just limited to cigarette; she is drinking alcohol as well. Veena said that she always receives forks along with roses. She has already broken the heart of Ashmit Patel after Pakistani cricketer Asif.  May be she is smoking and drinking to forget her past lovers.

At the same time, she is practicing for a movie wherein she has to smoke. Smoking is injurious to health. The bad habit can also take her beauty away in such a young age. Therefore, beware Miss Malik it can affect your health a lot adversely. She said this is the requirement of the character (in upcoming movie) so definitely you have to do some home work which I already did.

Though, smoking and drinking is a bit OK but which type of image she has in Bollywood, she may have to do so many stuffs in movies.

Veena Smoking and Drinking in Public

The interesting factor was that she smoked in public not in her home or other private place. It can be a part of publicity which she wants badly to get more movies and their promotion. The publicity trend becomes very common among Bollywood actor and actress. They are ready to do anything for it.

Veena has many fan followers in India, Pakistan and other parts of the world. And such type of unhealthy practice can attract those lovers toward drinking and smoking. Even movies should not have such activities wherein artists have to perform such things that can cause major health related concerns.

What Makes Veena Malik to Consider Smoking and Drinking

As per Veena, she is practicing for her upcoming movie where she has to drink and smoke. But do you think it is only the reason for this practice. Diverse comments came by the people after watching the video (you can also watch the same video on this hub where Veena is smoking and drinking).

Though, there is a mixed reaction by folks but the habit of Veena has attracted media, crowd and film makers. But she also needs to prove herself with acting and show that she is a real actress. Till now, she has not produced any hit movie in Bollywood.

Hope so she will come up with any exciting movie and become popular by her acting. Let’s wait and watch whether her smoking and drinking acting will give her any award.