Vampire Chronicles By Anne Rice – Ideal Vampire Gift

Vampire gift is tricky to buy as people don’t know what is the choice vampire or any person wearing the look of a vampire. Present is something that should be liked by the getter and if you are presenting a gift, it is important to pick the best item. I also become confused when I thought to buy a vampire gift for my niece until I came to know about Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. The series of novels by Anne Rice can be easily found in any book store or online portal like Amazon or eBay.

The story of vampire chronicles order revolves around Lestat de Lioncourt, a French nobleman who became a vampire in eighteenth century. This is fiction novel, so there is no need to worry and fear from real vampire. You can easily gift the Vampire Chronicles books to children. Vampire Twilight books are also very famous and readers love to enjoy every moment about what vampire does, how vampire drinks blood of the living beings and his other activities.

While reading Anne Rice the Vampire Chronicles, I came across situations when I became too excited to read the next page and did not sleep the entire night. I am a true fan of the writing style of Anne Rice.


Why You Should Read The Vampire Chronicles Books?

After buying The Vampire Chronicles Books in order, firstly I arranged them properly so that I can relish the real charm of novels. With vampire chronicles in order, I can easily figure out the right content that I need to go through first and then decide my reading plan. If you don’t have enough money to buy these books, you can also find them online as free vampire books are available on various sites. But I would suggest you to read the print edition to have more fun while reading. I think the real fun of reading is through printed books. It’s my personal opinion and you can also go for online editions, as per your comfort.

Presenting A Gift:

You may find it awkward to present a dark gift like vampire books to read, but trying new gifts are always welcome become if everyone present a similar gift, nobody will expect something new from you. Gifting Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles Books is indeed a unique idea that should consider. I am just saying this because I had tried it once and my niece loved the gift. She hugged me and said thank you uncle. I felt so good and decided to bring more vampire books for me and my niece.