Types of Marriages in Indian Society

Marriage is a special event in everyone’s life. It is not only a union of two individuals’ bodies but their souls as well. Marriage is considered a holy event. There are many religions, cultures and traditions in India and all of them have special status for wedding ceremony. Marriage is also divided in different categories. Let’s understand more about Indian marriages in details.

Arranged Marriages:

The mostly common and oldest form of marriage in India is arranged marriage. In this type of marriage, parents of the boy and girl select life partner for their child. This type of marriage comprises child marriage in India. Even there are places in the country where the life partner has been decided in their children’s childhood itself. It can be a type of forceful marriage as well, in case where the person is unwilling for marriage. However, many parents allow their children to meet the prosperous bride or groom and take their decision on their own.

Love Marriages:

Love marriage is a taboo in many conservative societies of India because it also involves inter-caste or inter-religion marriages. However, these days most of the youngsters are mainly interested in love marriage. They first want to know the person who can be converted in a life partner. During love both lovers get enough time to understand each other. If they do not find their partner suitable, they may breakup and look for a right person.

Love Cum Arranged Marriages:

Love cum arranged marriage is a new form of marriage adopted by Indians. In such type of marriage, people first fall in love with someone and inform their family about their love relationship. And if their families agree, the marriage is fixed. Such types of marriages are called as love cum arranged marriage. But narrow-minded people still prefer arranged marriage over love marriage.

Inter-Caste Marriages:

Many youngsters in India also love someone who is not of his/her caste. When they tie a knot, it is known as inter-caste marriage. Even there are many parents who are nowadays looking for a good life partner for their son/daughter in another caste. Indian government supports inter-caste marriages to overcome different caste related discrimination. Inter-caste marriages mostly happen in urban India.

Court Marriages:

Court marriage takes place under the special marriage act, 1954, which accepts a marriage between two adults of Indian nationals, irrespective of their caste, religion, race or creed. Court marriage is a type of secular marriage. In such kinds of marriages two evidences are required to sign on the legal document to solemnize the wedding.