Triphala Churna: Review, Effects, Side Effects, Benefits and Usage

Review of Triphala Churna:

Triphala churna is an ayurvedic product made of tested and certified herbs. The traditional Indian ayurveda cures several types of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer. The best part about such ayurvedic churna is that it does not include any side effects. However, it is important to consume it in a prescribed way to avoid any problem. There are many fruits used to make this powder like haritaki, vibhitaki and amalaki. This herb helps in improving gastrointestinal and digestive function.

Triphala is a Sanskrit word which means three fruits. The powder is also made of using three organic fruits. It is the best product to cure diseases.

Triphala churna mainly contains the following fruits:

  • Bibhitaki or Terminalia Bellirica
  • Haritaki or Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalans )
  • Amla or Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis)

In order to create the medicine, these fruits are properly dried in the sunlight for a few days. Then the completely dried material is converted to powder. All these fruits include intense medical values that are good for health. When they are mixed together, the powder becomes more potent to heal any health related issue very easily.

Benefits of Triphala Churna:

This is one of the most used ayurvedic medicines in India. It is also known as a bowel cleanser and beneficial in stimulating the digestive system. You can detoxify your body using this product on a daily basis. To know more about Triphala churna, let’s learn more about its three fruits in detail.


The first and foremost fruit ingredient of triphala churna is bibhitaki. Find out some of its advantages:

By strengthening the root of hair, this herb prevents graying of hair and hair thinning.

  • Splendid blood purifier
  • Good for eyesight
  • Removes damaging toxins from the body
  • Reduces additional fat
  • Contains antibacterial and antiviral contents


The benefits of haritaki are mentioned below:

  • Possesses anti-aging contents
  • Good for eyesight and prevent eyes related diseases
  • Improves liver and spleen
  • Helps in getting rid of skin diseases
  • Improves immune system
  • Increases memory power


The third and last fruit ingredient is amla which includes some of the following benefits:

  • Enhances brain functioning
  • Contains plenty of vitamin C
  • Stimulates and strengthens gall bladder and liver
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves digestion
  • Stimulates the cardiovascular system
  • Purifies the urinary system
  • Benefits of all three fruit ingredients when they are combined together:

The fruit ingredients of triphala churna include so many advantages to get rid of several diseases. Actually triphala churna comprises 4 elements of amla, 1 element of haritaki and 2 elements of bibhitaki. But such ratio of contents may differ as per the type of specific product and requirements of individual. The mixture of such ingredients is good to quickly reduce excessive fat. The churna take cares of your lungs and decreases the chances of asthma. It detoxifies your body and glows your skin.

Side Effects of Triphala Churna:

Though this is an Ayurvedic medicine and does not comprise any side effects, it is important to take care of every precaution. If you have taken such kind of product earlier in vain, it’s better to first consult your doctor and then only consider any medicine. Also make sure to take proper amount of triphala churna to get the best possible health benefit.

Usage of Triphala Churna:

You can simply gulp the triphala powder with boiled water. But its taste is very strong. If you find it difficult to take, add small amount of honey or juice to improve the taste. A tablespoon of triphala powder with warm water is enough before sleeping at night. Ensure to keep two hours of gap after your dinner. Capsules of triphala are also available in the market. If you are comfortable with capsules, take them.