Trend of Live-In Relationship among Youngsters

Increasing Number of Live-In Relationship

Have you ever come across with couples who are living together without marriage? I can see many of them in my surroundings. What do you think whether live in relationship (cohabitation) is good or bad? The point of view of people may differ for live in relationships. It is better to ask this question from those boys and girls who love to live together without marriage.

The society of many Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China and others are against live in relationship. However, you can still find many guys and girls who are interested in living together relationship.

The society of Europe and America do not have much problem with non-married couples. Though, it totally depends upon couples whether they want to live together before marriage, it is also necessary to take advices from others so that they can make a strong relationship.

Benefits of Live-In Relationship

Many boys and girls attract toward living in relationship because they think from their brain and see benefits in it.

1. No Responsibility: Whether there is a man or woman, after marriage both of them have to play their roles to live a happy marital life. However, such tension is not there in live in relationship.

2. Freedom: This is one of the major advantageous of living in relationship. It does not have any commitment to live together for whole life like marriage.

3. Easy to Get Into Another Relationship: If youngsters think that their partner is not a suitable person, they can easily break-up and seek another partner.

4. Stay Away from Legal Hassle: Unlike divorce, leaving a partner is much easier in live in relationship.

5. Concentrate on Career: These days, building career is a main priority of youngsters. The premarital relationship gives them more time to go through their studies and seek for the best job.

6. More Time to Think about Marriage: It is better to understand a partner living with him/her rather than in a long relationship.

Detriments of Live-In Relationship

1. Lack of Respect in Society: There are many societies where same respect is not given to live-in couples like married people.

2. Commitment and Emotions are Missing: Usually, live in couples do not have much emotions and commitment to each other.

3. Conditional Love: There are many couples who live together only because of some conditions. For instance, two people are new into a city and they do not have enough money to rent a house. So, they live together for the time they get their desired jobs.

4. Physical Abuse: Cohabits are more into physical abuse than married people.

5. Less Family Support: Boys and girls who are in living together without marriage likely to get less financial, moral or any other support from their parents.

6. Inadequate Economic Equality: Married couples are known better for economic equality than live in guys and girls.

Parents’ Involvement in Live-In Relationship

Guardians always care for their children even after crossing their 18 years. However, there are a few teenagers who do not care about their parents. Sometimes, they hide about the living relationship. There are people who just want to enjoy their time through livein relationship.

When emotional guys and girls are cheated by their culprit partner, they have no option instead of crying and repenting. To avoid such situations, many parents get involved in live-in relationship to find whether their children are secured.