Treatments of Bawasir

Are you are searching the best treatment for Bawasir? The disease is also called as hemorrhoid. Before implementing any treatment for bawasir, your doctor will first examine the anal area, possibly by inserting an anoscope or a lubricated gloved finger.

There can be a possibility that more processes are required for identifying internal hemorrhoids or eliminate other ailments which normally become a reason of anal bleeding like colorectal cancer, anal fissure, Crohn’s disease and colitis. To find more about anal canal, sigmoidoscopy can be employed or even entire colon can be examined with the help of colonoscopy.

Different Treatments for Bawasir

Injection: In this method, an internal hemorrhoid is injected with a solution that produces a scar and closes the hemorrhoid. It causes only a little pain like any other injection.

Surgery: Your doctor can go for traditional surgery known as hemorrhoidectomy for painful hemorrhoids or large internal hemorrhoids.

Coagulationor cauterization: Either a laser beam, an electric probe, or a small burn without pain seals the end of hemorrhoid is used for this process. This is one of the useful methods for prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Banding: Generally, prolapsed hemorrhoids are eliminated using the rubber-band ligation. A unique tool secures a small rubber band all around the hemorrhoid.