Top 7 Most Hated Indian Cricket Players


The weeping boy Sreesanth was not only worst on the ground but also off the field. He rightly got slapped by another controversy king Harbhajan Singh. Trading his performance with bookies was common for him in IPL (Indian Premier League). He even caught red handed and got suspended to play all domestic or international cricket matches. Whatever he had done for Indian Cricket got washed out after his match-fixing case. And now everyone remembers him for his sins.

Chetan Sharma

Despite that the fact that Chetan Sharma was a tremendous medium pace bowler and gave some exclusive performances for the Indian team, he is mostly known for the last-ball six hit by Javed Miandad in Sharjah. Alas, he was also searched more on Google to view that last ball six.

Harbhajan Singh

Shouting on fielders whenever they misfield on his bowling is common for Harbhajan. Nobody can forget his ‘Monkey’ remark on Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds which was not a gentle behavior at all. Because of his rowdy approach, many people dislike him.

Ishant Sharma

He is tall and looks very innocent by face. Many experienced cricketers call him unlucky because he bowls well but never takes more wickets. Still, the number of haters is more than lovers for him. Being a part of Indian cricket team for a long time, he has given only a few good performances and rest of them are ordinary.

Virat Kohli

Whether he is love with Anushka Sharma or getting the crown of Indian captain, he always remains in controversy. He even showed the middle finger to the crowd. Even as a captain he has been seen arguing with opponent team’s players when his own players have made the mistake.

Sourav Ganguly

Bengali Sourav is also called as dada. His odd decisions and dadagiri (dominance) made India lose so many matches. It was the devastating decision when he selected Rahul Dravid as wicketkeeper in 2003 Cricket World Cup where India lost final against India. That match could have been won by India if good captaincy was shown by Sourav. Many times his annoyance turned the gentlemen’s sport into clown’s play. His off shirt stance at Lord’s Ground was so disgraceful. He might be having a huge fan followers but he also added many haters during his captaincy in Indian cricket team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Favouritism of CSK (Chennai Supper Kings) players in Indian team, dominating even though it was not required and other aspects make Dhoni top in the list of most hated Indian cricket players. Even though he does not know how to bowl well, he can be seen giving orders to Indian bowlers to bowl in a particular length. Bowlers play in the international team because they have done well in domestic games and they have more idea of bowling than Mr. Dhoni, but his unwanted orders put them under pressure and they are unable to bowl properly. Moreover, his orthodox decisions had lead too losses that India could have own comprehensively. Despite his world cup 2011 win, he is hated by many spectators because of his attitude and favouritism. Selection of players is also dominant by him.