Top 10 Natural Home Remedies to Cure Skin Aging and Wrinkles

Everyone wants to look young with the glowing skin but aging can’t be stopped as it is the natural process of life. As the age grows, the skin tends to become rough and wrinkles come in to the picture. There are other factors as well that effect skin like pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol, smoking, etc. Though it is not possible to hold your increasing age, you can try out some useful home remedies to cure skin aging and wrinkles. You just need to be caring and spend more time to try out remedies that cure your skin without any side effect. Remember that there are lots of fake products available in the market comprising harmful chemical. Such products may provide temporary glow to your skin, but their after a few days you will come across the side effects. It is advisable to use only genuine and branded skin products to protect your skin. I would suggest you to go for the home remedies and natural Ayurvedic products because they do not have any side effect and you can apply them on your skin without any worry.

About Skin Aging:

Before going into the depth of home remedies, I would like to explain you about the mechanism of skin aging so that you have better understanding about it and you will be able care for your skin properly with knowledge.

Aging leads to fine lines and wrinkles that can make you old. Skin aging begins in the late twenties. Elastin and collagen are the main types of proteins responsible for youthfulness. They have the basic components or cell structure for skin elasticity. Aging depletes these proteins and lead to skin aging and wrinkles on neck, face and back of the hands.

Best 10 Natural Home Remedies to Cure Skin Aging and Wrinkles:

Egg Whites:

Apply egg white on your face on daily basis to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Getting an egg white mask on your face can help in making the skin smooth and soft. Egg has enough riboflavin, proteins, magnesium and potassium to moisturize, hydrate and repair your skin.


There is no comparison of honey when it comes to treating ageing skin problem. It nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Consumption of honey on a regular basis is useful to remove dead cells and develop new cells.

Almonds Oil:

Almonds contain a number of health benefits. Consumption of almond oil is also essential to keep your skin glowing. It consists of every important ingredient to beautify your skin. Almonds include nutrients like oleic acid, vitamin E, zinc, folic acid and iron that act like effective antioxidants for better skin.

Olive Oil:

Natural olive oil can lighten up fine lines and wrinkles. It contains fatty acid, minerals and vitamins to nourish the skin. Being loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin E, olive oil functions in an effective way to hydrate skin and keep it young.


The fruit benefits in providing youthfulness and suppleness to the skin. It increases the elasticity of skin with its nutrients like Vitamin B, C, E, K, beta carotene, zinc, selenium, folate and potassium.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera offers a number of skin benefits. Its nutrients work effectively and remove oily skin, acne and pimples. The great home remedy is cost-effective as well. Aloe vera gel contains malic acid for better skin elasticity and removal of fine lines and wrinkles.


Pineapple improves digestion and cures digestive problems. It is also a good remedy for premature aging. Pineapple contains antioxidants like vitamin C and potassium to avoid the side effects of oxidative and radical stress and prevent aging of skin.

Lemon Juice:

The bleaching content of lemon juice is ideal to avoid sunburn and tan. The juice also helps in making skin smooth and young by removing dead skin cells. Lemon juice improves the skin complexion.


Fenugreek seeds have enough niacin and vitamin B3 to cure the unwanted skin cells and develop new tissues and cells. Fenugreek protects skin from fine lines and wrinkles on forehead, lips and all around the eyes.


Bananas are a rich source of nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium that resolve a number of skin problems. The fruit hydrates and moisturizes the dry skin and improves the collagen production.