Top 10 Indian Names for Baby Boy and Girl

If you are blessed with a child and looking to give him or her Indian name, you can consider anyone of the following names. The famous names are easy to pronounce and let your baby become stylish. The names are common in Bollywood movies as well. Many actors and actresses give themselves these such on-screen names.
Check out the list of the famous names for Indian boys and girls:

Girl Names:

Pari – Angel
Ananya – Unique
Navya – Young
Shrishti – Universe
Aanya – Grace
Aaradhya – valuable to worship
Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi
Diya – Light
Myra – Admirable
Aditi –unbound

Boy Names:

Aarush – First ray
Aarav –wisdom
Ryan – King
Ishaan – sun
Vihaan – Dawn
Kabir – Great
Sai – Divine
Atharv – Initial Veda
Aryan – Noble
Rudra – Lord Shiva