Top 10 Healthy Indian Foods

Indians are too much into eating. They often eat one or the other thing. Indian states also have their own flavor. No matter how much efforts are put in to make a Bengali dish in South India or a Punjabi dish in Gujarat, it’s really hard to get their real flavor. All Indian states have their own ingredients. A lot of butter is included in Punjabi dishes, curry leave and mustard are exciting South Indian cuisine, Bengali mishit doi and Gujarati dhokla are really mouth-watering. Indians love food that shows in their dishes.

Here is The List of Top Ten Indian Dishes That You Can Taste:

1. Indian Curries:
Indian curries are popular throughout the world for their oiliness, spiciness and texture. The floating oil over the curry and its appetizing creamy texture offers real crave for food lovers. However, the health conscious people may avoid Indian curries because of their spiciness and excessive butter content.
2. Pulses:
Pulses are a great source of minerals, protein and vitamins. They can be seen commonly in daily Indian meals. Pulses include Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E and several minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium.
3. Chapatti:
Chapatti is one of the basic staples of North India. Flour is used to create chapatti. Its ingredients contain rich fiber and provide enough carbohydrates and energy.
4. Rice:
Rice is another staple of Indian diet. There are many verities of rice to choose from and their taste also differs. White rice and brown rice are some of the suitable varieties.
5. Paneer:
The softness of paneer is liked by almost all Indians. Made of milk, paneer contains low calories. Paneer’s calorie content relies on the milk using which it is made like toned milk or full cream milk.
6. Curd:
Curd is another milk product used extensively in Indian meals. Curd is also included in several dishes to get some creamy texture.
7. Idly:
Idly is a healthy staple diet. It is made from the mixture of Pulses and fermented rice. It has less calories and good to stay healthy.
8. Dhokla:
Dhokla is a well-known dish of Gujarat. It is a recommended diet for diabetic patients. It is a steamed dish with less calories.
9. Dosa:
Dosa is a pancake or fermented crepe made of black lentils and rice batter. It is mostly used in South India. However, these days dosa can be found in all parts of India. Many restaurants serve a wide range of dosa to their customers.
10. Chole Bhature:
Chole bhature is made of fried bread and spicy chick peas. The dish is very tasty but oily as well.

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