Tips for TOEFL Test Preparation

If you are thinking to prepare for a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), you can do so with a few simple tips. Generally, people who have English as a Second Language (ESL), face some problems to become familiar with the language. However, you do not need to become disappointment because in this article I am going to provide you easy and effective instructions that you can implement for TOEFL test.

There are many American universities which require TOEFL certified students from non-native English speaking countries. It is also necessary to determine whether the particular students can cope up with their pattern of study in English. TOEFL is a registered under Education Testing Service (ETS), which is administered all across the world.

There are many institutes accepting TOEFL certified students. From them around 5175 institutes are situated in Canada and United States, 1000 institutes in Europe, 100 institutes in New Zealand and Australia, 200 institutes in United Kingdom and 600 institutes in Asia. More than 1 million students register for TOEFL test annually.

Prepare Yourself as per New TOEFL Pattern

Many students do not have enough idea about the new TOEFL format. Therefore, they are unable to prepare for this English test.

New TOEFL pattern includes:

  1. The test has a changed structure. A written test is compulsory and now TOEFL contains four parts i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  2. The new pattern includes points system with maximum points 300.
  3. Once you are done with the test, result will be declared immediately and officially after 14 days.
  4. First two sections are adaptive (grammar and listening). However, the complexity of test relies upon your English skills. With them you can save your time, but easy questions also contain fewer points.

Make Listening to English as Your Habit

Though, preparation for any foreign language is tough, when it becomes a daily routine then learning becomes easier. You can play CDs and DVDs which you have received with Barrons TOEFL preparation guide. Even you can buy them separately.

Many people play them in the background while eating, traveling, at work or performing any other activity. Authentic English is always helpful to know more about the language. Speakers of the TOEFL test only speak Standard English as per North America, so you do not need to struggle with dialects or slangs. Also, remember to buy authentic TOEFL audio and video materials from trustable sources. You can also access broadcasting stations like VOA, BBC or CNN to build your command over English.

Reading English Books

Practice matters a lot to get high score in TOEFL test. Solve questions and answers to check your skills. Once you come to know about your weak points, it would be a lot easier for you to sharpen your skills and overcome the problems in English.

Recently, my brother cleared the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), which is one of the most difficult English tests from only his reading habit. With the help of reading, you can solve your various issues related to English. You can make this practice interesting as well by reading novels and your hobby related books.

Observe English in Your Surroundings

Many people have a wrong perception that they can improve their English by speaking in the language all the times. But, it is not entirely true. Before speaking anything correctly, you should listen to English. The more and more you listen to it, the easier it would be for you speak properly. Do you know how you learnt your native language? It happened when you came across many people speaking in your native language and you absorbed it from your ears.

A human brain works similar to a hard drive of computer. In order to get something out of your PC, you first have to feed data on hard drive. The same situation happens with brain. You first need to feed correct English words, phrases, idioms and others in your mind so that you can speak the language and prepare for English tests.

Speaking Section Practice

TOEFL test includes four sections:

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing

Mostly, non-native English students fail to score good score in speaking part. They easily focus on grammar but while speaking they make even silly mistakes.

To avoid this problem, you can take a topic to speak on and record your voice. Once you are finished with your speech, play the recorded file. While listening to your voice, you will definitely find out those mistakes which you have made knowingly or unknowingly. Do the same practice many times and your speaking English will certainly improve.

Also, ensure that you speak short sentences to express your thoughts. Never try to make new sentences which you have never heard and use only those phrases in which you are familiar.

Online TOEFL Preparation Exercises

There are many websites offering free TOEFL practices that you can easily consider. They will give a good idea about the TOEFL test question papers and a layout for preparation. Separate exercises are available for reading, listening, speaking and writing.

TOEFL points (general points) vary from 0 to 300 which are counted by particular formula on the basis of easy and difficult questions. Once you complete the test, your result will be declared in front of you on computer screen.

Attending a TOEFL Course

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is a big difference between a normal English teacher and a TOEFL trainer. TOEFL is a higher level English test for which a trained professional can help you in a better way than a simple English teacher.

There are many institutes offering TOEFL courses around the world. You can simply look for an appropriate one nearby your location and join the TOEFL training. Do not need worry, in case there is no TOEFL training institute close to your home. Online TOEFL training classes are also available through which you can complete the training. Faculties provide training via video conferencing or pre-downloaded videos.

Preparation for TOEFL Testing Center

  1. Ensure that you carry required documents along with you in the examination center. These include your photo identification proof, registration number etc. Remember that the documents should be in your name with valid photograph and signature.
  2. Dress up properly so that you can give the test as per your comfort. Sometimes, testing locations become too hot or cold and students face some troubles and unable to concentrate on the test.
  3. Reach the testing center before 30 minutes to avoid any problem.

During TOEFL Test

  1. Keep an eye on your watch. If you have made any time strategy, stick to it and complete all the questions.
  2. Stay cool during test. Even those people who have the best knowledge of English are not likely to perform 100% in panic.