The Boy Who Was About To Die Now Seems Healthier

When Anja Ringgren Loven, a social worker from Denmark was looking after children to meet their needs, she got in touch with a small boy. The two year old boy was abandoned by his society because they think that he was a witch. He became weak and about to die. But God cares for everyone! Luckily Anja met him and cared for him with proper food and medicines.


After eight months, Anja posted the boy’s old and latest photos on her Facebook profile which clearly show the difference in his health. Anja named the boy as Hope because she considers Hope means ‘Help Every Person Everyday’. She is such an inspirational lady who saves others life.


I hope one day Hope will become a good human being and help the needy people. Here there is a lesson for those as well who are superstitious. Better to be like Anja not like little Hope’s parents who left him alone.