How to Test Your Eyesight Online and Get Relief with 20-20-20 Visual Acuity Rule

Eye specialists suggest people should undergo an eye test every two years. However, these days we do not have enough time to plan our visit for eye check-ups.

No need to worry as you can simply test your eyesight online sitting in front of your computer. Of course, there is no substitute of complete eyes’ examination by doctors, but online tests can give you a good idea about your vision. It can help you check how good or bad eyesight you have.


Snellen Eye Chart

Snellen charts are commonly used by eye specialists to measure the visual acuity of people. In order to test your eyes using Snellen eye chart, you need to cover your one eye from your one hand and read the letter from top-to-bottom.

Read the letters of all the rows one after another. Once you are done with reading all the letters cover your second eye and read these letters once again.

Note: The smallest row that you see at the bottom of the above Snellen chart can indicate you the real visual acuity about your eyesight.

Ways to Test Your Eyesight Online

There is a good “IVAC” online tool” that you can try to check your eyesight. To measure the length of lines on the computer screen, you can use a ruler (the length may vary as per the screen resolution of your PC). Also, ensure that you measure the distance of your eyes from computer. Now, start the reading part. Read the each letter in a row one by one. Meanwhile, press the “Smaller” button to decrease the sizes of rows.

During the test, cover your one eye and then read the characters. Once again read them but this time cover you other eye. When you are unable to read the specific characters, stop!


20-20-20 Visual Acuity Rule

20-20-20 rule is none other than a boon for those who spend a lot of time in front of computer. Your eyes are precious and your priority should be to care for them. I recently came to know about 20-20-20 rule from an eye specialist to help me relax my tired eyes.


Let’s come to know how this rule works.

The computer screen is bright and if you forget to blink your eyes often for long hours, they can become dry or even turn to red. With the help of 20-20-20 rule, you can easily get rid of such types of problems.

This rule suggests tells that you should take a break after every 20 minutes while continuously working on computer to see any object that is 20 feet away for minimum 20 seconds. Actually it is really tough for any individual to exactly remember to take a break after every 20 minutes, so it is better to go for an application that can help you measure this duration. There are many free software programs available to achieve this goal.

Relax Your Eyes

Relax your tired eyes by viewing the above video. Just follow the pointer and get relief.