Steps to Use Prega News (Pregnancy Test Tube)

If you are seeking ways to use Prega News, you are at the right spot. Here I will tell you how to use this test tube properly. Then you can simply get rid of any pregnancy problem after getting involved in any type of unprotected sexual relationship.

It’s always girls who have to suffer after making unprotected intercourse because boys do not have to face such issue. They just leave after making relationship. But being a girl you do not need to worry about pregnancy and get worried from your parents or society. With Prega News you can go for pregnancy test and avoid any problem. Even it will give you freedom to make physical relationship and enjoy it as per your comfort.


Usage of Prega News:

This pregnancy test tube is famous for finding out pregnancy. Moreover, you can use it simply by following a few easy steps.

Please Note: You should use the test tube in the morning with the day’s first urine. This increases the chances of accurate measurement of pregnancy.

  • The first and foremost step is to put down a few drops of urine in the tube. Make sure to insert the drop of urine completely inside the tube.
  • In the test tube you can find three colorful symbols. Never get confused among them as they are only to measure pregnancy.
  • Wait for a few minutes. If 1 or 2 colors turn red, you are not pregnant. On the other hand if all 3 colors turn red, you are pregnant.

Remember that one test tube can be used only one time. Therefore be cautious to use it to get the right result. Also keep a sharp eye on the expiry date while buying the test tube.