Stay On Capsules: Benefits, Side Effects and Dose

Due to tensed lifestyle and busy schedule mostly men commonly suffer from mild headache and fatigue problems. This badly affects their love life as well. They become less productive and unable to meet their sexual needs. Their wife or girlfriend also feels bad about her partner’s condition. This mainly leads to divorce or break up. If you are suffering from a similar kind of problem, there is no need to worry as Stay On Capsules can help you gain your men power and enjoy your love life.


Stay On Capsule is good to boost your stamina. With improved stamina you can give better performance in bed with your woman. It is also easy to get Stay On Capsules in any nearby medical store or even you can book it online through any e-commerce website. When you boost your confidence after consuming Stay On Capsules, you will also feel comfortable to meet women.

Benefits of Stay-on Capsules:

The first and foremost advantage of Stay On Capsule is that it boosts stamina for a better love relationship. Additionally, the natural herbs made capsules can increase the size of your sexual organ. Longevity during intercourse will also increase and help you enjoy for a longer period of time.

Side Effects of Stay On Capsules:

Stay-on Capsules is purely a natural Ayurvedic substance and does not comprise any side effect, but it does not mean to use it excessively. It is important to take its limited quantity so that you will not become addicted to it.

Dose of Stay On Capsules:

After having your dinner, take one Stay On Capsule with boiled water or milk. Do this practice for a few days and then you will see good signs of improvement in your body. The energy booster can be a boon to your dull life by filling it with a lot of fun and happiness.