Some Facts about Young, Talented and Beautiful Alia Bhatt

A new face in Bollywood is getting a lot of fame with her beautiful smile and a cute face. She is none other than Alia Bhatt, the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt. You might have seen Alia in her debut movie “Student of the Year”.

In this article, you can find some facts about Alia Bhatt with a few unseen photographs.


Look at this beautiful lady and find her shadow in Alia Bhatt.


Her name is Soni Razdan who acted in a number of movies and turned to a director. She is a wife of Mahesh Bhatt and mother of Alia Bhatt.

Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan have two daughters Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.


Mahesh Bhatt also has one son Rahul Bhatt and one daughter Pooja Bhatt from her first wife Kiran Bhatt. And, Soni Razdan is his second wife.

Some unknown facts….

Alia has inborn acting genes from her father and mother. Both of them showed their great presence in Bollywood.  So, why Alia has opted for Karan Johar’s production movie and not from her father or mother. It can have two answers, first Alia may wanted to prove her acting talent without her parents’ help and second that she might have get selected in an audition by Karan Johar.

Some Beautiful Wallpapers of Alia Bhatt