Side Effects of Net Neutrality

Money does matter, this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of net neutrality. How come internet service providers are stealing the money of innocent people just by giving them unequal services. Net neutrality is the booming topic in the Indian society wherein all sections of the society are raising their voice for it. However, everything has some grey areas. In this article, I am going to speak against net neutrality because it always does not fit everywhere. In India, where most of the people are living at or below the poverty line, it is tough to afford costly internet service for everyone. So, free service like Facebook’s can be a boon for poor. That’s why I can’t support net neutrality blindly just because of my personal benefits.


Save The Internet: These are today’s some of the common trends with bombastic Tweets, comments, suggestions, and unwanted bakchodi (flush out inputs) on social networking sites. Any Tom, Dick and Harry come up with a YouTube video and try to create an impact on viewers because they are good in jawing. They have eaten enough mind and precious time of every internet user. Without knowing the real facts and only on the basis of their specific parameters the hype creators are trying to get delusive fame. Net neutrality is another attempt to come on the limelight and make innocents follow them. But there is another way around as well which should be kept in mind before protesting against Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

You Get What You Want:

If you are a regular internet user of any specific websites or mobile apps and your mostly work is only dependent on them, what is the point to pay for the whole internet pack? When you can get the same services within Rupees 100, why you are paying Rupees 1000? Does that strike your mind? Let’s understand it with an easier example. For instance, if you go to any restaurant and you just want to eat a few selected food items, why there is a need to pay for the whole meal? The same situation goes for Net Neutrality as well. If I have a limited budget and I want to use only social networking sites, there should not be a compulsion to get a full recharge. Specific accessibility according to the budget of an individual is the best solution for a developing nation like India where digital technology should reach to every household.

Money Does Matter:

Everyone does not have enough money to get a complete internet package because poor people also live in our society. However, if they are not connected to the advanced technology like the internet, it’s very difficult for them to progress. Those who have limited money should at least get an option to access some free websites so that they can go through them and learn some important points.

Develop Curiosity:

Still millions of people in India and other parts of the world are living in dark ages where the internet is a strange word. They have never used the internet or surfed any website. When they get an option to freely use the internet, it will develop curiosity among them and then they will also tend to become more familiar with the internet and get benefited. Amendment in net neutrality is good for the society only, if considered very carefully.

Parental Controlling:

Removal of net neutrality can give more power to parents to access exactly what their children need during their school days. Kids are innocent and they do not know what is good or bad for them. It’s only their parents’ responsibility to give them proper guidance until they become fully matured.

More Security:

Virus, malware, spyware, Trojans and other types of online threats are really very threatening. Such evil software programs are designed to damage or steal other’s essential information. With more restriction on the internet usage, it will become possible to fight against such harmful software programs up to some extent.