Short Tempered Indian Cricket Players

Cricket and controversies are synonyms among Indian players. They not only get emotional while playing for the country but also lose their temperament. Abusing, insulting and blaming have now become common practices for a few Indian players just like Australian cricketers. Let’s come to know about the top arrogant Indian cricketers.

Virat Kohli:

Young and energetic Virat has lots of enthusiasm when it comes to playing cricket but argument with other players does not suit his personality. He has already become the captain of Indian Team and he still has childish behavior that bothers many players.


Gautam Gambhir:

Gambhir has been seen arguing with both national and international players. His recent war with Manoj Tiwari in Ranji Trophy match was vastly condemned by senior cricketers. Even he does not have strong liking for Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni.


Harbhajan Singh:

Don’t dare to misfield when Harbhajan is bowling that every Indian player must be thinking because he has been seen shouting on many fielders. Spat with Andrew Symonds and Sreesanth were the two examples of his arrogance.


Rohit Sharma:

Raising his bat on bowlers is like his habit. He hardly has controls over himself. Though he is the only player who has ever scored two double centuries in One Day International Cricket, it does not give him right to speak anything to young players.


Ishant Sharma:

Being extremely tall does not meant that he can stare at batsmen like a devil. Whenever Ishant bowls a good delivery he usually stares and speaks some bad words at batsman. He has also been penalized with match fees at several times for his bad behavior on the field. Instead of concentrating on his bowling he gets involved with such unwanted activities.



Sreesanth had been in so many controversies in his small international cricketing career. Even in IPL he had spat with veteran Harbhajan Singh. And then he got into match fixing scandal and banned from playing national and international cricket.