Shakti Prash Powder: Benefits, Side Effects and Dose

These days many males in our society suffer from lack of men power problem that occurs due to a number of issues. Anxiety, busy day to day schedule and fast moving lifestyle are some of its reasons. Such issues can convert to serve as well if not taken care on time. If you are one of those men who are not satisfied from their sexual life, Shakti Prash is one of the best solutions for you.


Shakti Prash oil and powder are made of natural ingredients so there is no need to worry about anything after consuming this safe substance. With Shakti Prash simply live a happy marital life and have lots of fun with your woman. When you have more confidence to properly make physical relation, it would also boost your confidence to date any woman without any hesitation.

Benefits of Shakti Prash:

Firstly Shakti Prash boosts your physical power to intercourse properly. It gives relief to your body and mind so that you can also concentrate on your other important tasks. Shakti Prash is simply a stress buster. Long duration during intercourse gives lots of pleasure and Shakti Prash just does that. It increases the time duration to make love with your wife or girlfriend so that you both can become completely satisfied.

Side Effects of Shakti Prash:

Shakti Prash is a natural product and does not comprise any side effect, but it does not mean that you will become careful and consume it in an appropriate way. Take appropriate amount of Shakti Prash powder on a regular basis and see its affects in a short while.

Ayurvedic Solution:

Shakti Prash is purely an Ayurvedic product. Made of natural substances Shakti Prash ensures to give best result without harming your body.

Dose of Shakti Prash:

Take one tablespoon of Shakti Prash power with boiled water or milk at night after your dinner. In case you feel too much weakness, you can consume the Ayurvedic powder twice in a day.

Price of Shakti Prash:

In Indian market you can simply get Shakti Prash power around Rs. 2900 to Rs. 3500. But there are many online e-commerce websites as well that give special discount of such products. You can find them and get the best one as per your budget.