Why Separate Townships for Kashmiri Pandits Is The Last Option Left?

It’s very difficult to imagine more than two decades long exile in own country. From last 25 years Kashmiri Pandits have been living in a life of misery without roof and shelter. They have been thrown away from their homeland just because of their religion. The new NDA government led by the prime minster Narendra Modi has created hopes in Pandits to return to their homeland. However, the ground reality is totally different in Kashmir for minorities. They have never been treated equally. Kashmir does not entirely belong to the majority and minorities have equal right over it.

Militancy Is Still Prevalent:

Throughout Kashmir one can find militant attacks at every corner of the valley. Such incidences are very common in Kashmir and Pakistan play a big role in supporting such terrorist organizations by funding them and providing advanced weapons. Militants target Kashmiri Pandits so they leave the valley and it becomes completely a Muslim dominated area. In this environment it’s not possible for innocent pandits and their children to live in fear.

Genocide Once Again:

Nobody can forget the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits happened in 1989, where thousands of pandits were killed. Consequently, the remaining Kashmiri pandits started leaving the valley to save their and their children’s lives. If Pandits think to settle down once again in the valley in their ancestors’ houses, it’s possible that they face such genocide once again. They have already lost so many things and now they do not have enough tears left for further massacre.

Support of External Powers:

Pakistan always tries to divide Indian Kashmiris on the basis of religion. They want Indians to fight among themselves to take an undue advantage. Many terrorist organizations are well-established in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) that also give teaching of killing minorities including Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, Christians and Shias.

Decrease In The Population of Shia In POK and Indian Kashmir:

Areas of POK like Gilgit, Nagar, Gupis, Yasin and others were having the majority of Shia population which has been drastically decreased because of the evil planning of Pakistan. Terrorists attacked Shias in these regions and killed many of them. On top of it they offered jobs to Sunnis in such areas along with houses to let them settle with their families. Now Pakistan is playing the same trick with Indian Kashmir by getting involved in cross border terrorism and trying to disturb the Shia dominated areas in India. Over the years, the population of Shias has been decreased in India Kashmir like Kashmiri Pandits. This is another cause of concern that needs to be addressed in Indian Parliament.

Unending Violence Against Minorities:

Violence against minorities looks like never ending. Nobody cares about minority communities and they have been living in panic. One can easily count a small number of Kashmiri Pandits left in the valley in fingers.

Separatists Are With Enemies:

Waving Pakistani flag over and again by separatists seem that they want to be Pakistan. The support of neighboring country can be seen clearly by the gesture of separatist leaders. Though they say about returning of Kashmiri Pandits, actually they never want them live in Kashmir. Power and land hungry separatists just want to create terror in the valley and want to live without minorities.

Not Possible To Provide Proper Security Due To Demographic Differences:

As almost all Kashmiri Pandits have left the valley because of the mass murder and violence due to which the demographic differences become the main area of concern. Fewer minorities will never get a safe environment to live with their family members.

More Security In Separate Clusters:

It would be easy for government of Jammu and Kashmir to provide proper safety in separate clusters for Kashmiri Pandits. Such clusters can be surrounded by Indian army and proper check-ins and check-outs of each individual will be easy to measure.