Sandhi Sudha: Review, Usages, Cost, Effects and Side Effects

Benefits of Sandhi Sudha

What is Sandhi Sudha Plus?

Sandhi Sudha Plus is Ayurvedic oil used for joint-pain and health related issues. Sandhi Sudha Plus is an addition of Sandhi Sudha which includes other supplements like Akarkara, Gawarpatha and Nirgundi.

Gawarpatha: The herb helps a lot in bringing back the stickiness and smoothness in dead and dry joints.

Akarkara: The herb gives calcium to bones and makes them stronger.

Nirgundi: It also helps in bringing back the strength in muscles and weak nerves.

Apart from these, Sandhi Sudha Plus also includes other rare but productive herbs such as Amrit Dhara, Ajwain flower, Matti and Paan leaves. These provide warmness and relief in joints. While massing neck, joints and other areas, these herbs pass through the layer of your skin through outer tissues. Thereafter, these herbs reach inside the joints and give relief from swelling and joint pain.

Effectiveness of the medicine has been increased by some more significant herbs like Jyoti Smriti, Salakha and Asaliya.

A Great Solution for Joint Pain

Sandhi Sudha or Sudha Sandhi is a genuine Ayurvedic product. The oil is made by precious medicines found in Himalayas. Its herbs have been used by many people since the origin of Vedas.

You can apply Sandhi Sudha for 10 – 20 days to get relief from knee problems. With the help of this herbal pain remedy, you can easily gain the lost Synovial Fluid in joints to function them properly. After that you will get the normal movement in your joints without any trouble.

How Does It Work?

Sandhi Sudha penetrates inside the layers of skin via the external tissues which reach to the joints. After that the joints again get the fluid back and the blood circulation restarts.

The increased blood flow directly affects the Synovial Membrane and it starts giving out the main Synovial Fluid that gives stickiness and smoothness in the joints. Additionally, it recovers the damaged treats and tissues in the injured areas.

Usages of Sandhi Sudha

1. In order to use the oil, take its 1 or 2 teaspoons (around five ml) in your palm or a bowl.

2. Now, you can use your fingertips and massage the infected areas. Ensure that you do not give excessive pressure while using the medicine.

3. Move your fingertips in circular directions.

4. Carry on the same massage for 2 – 4 minutes.


You can repeat the massage from 3 to 4 times daily for just 15 days to feel the changes.

When your pain becomes severe, try the practice from 5 to 6 times in a day.

Apply the oil, before 2 hours or after 2 hours of bathing/shower. Even you can apply it before going to sleep. Hot fomentation is also advisable by experts after applying the oil in the infected parts.

Where Sandhi Sudha Is More Effective?

1. Back pain

2. Arthritis

3. Knee pain

4. Cervical spondylitis

5. Shoulder pains

Note: Sandhi Sudha Plus is also known as magial oil for women’s back pain.


Apart from reducing the unbearable pain, the oil also lessens the stiffness and swellings in joints. Due to the massage, your joints will become stronger and get back the Synovial Fluid which again starts the functionality of your joints properly.

It is also beneficial for those people who are suffering from arthritis, shoulder pain, cervical spondylitis, knee pain and back pain.

Side Effects

As Sandhi Sudha is an Ayurvedic product, it does not have any side effects. Though, it may cost a little bit more, at the end you will save your plenty of money which you may waste on medical treatment.

How Much Does It Cost

You can get Sandhi Sudha at Rupees 3400.00 excluding Rupees 200.00 shipping charges. Even you can order it online and within four to five working days, it will be delivered to your shipping address.