Revital Capsules: Effects, Side Effects, Dose and Review

Ranbaxy Revital Capsules are known to gain quick energy and boost inner power. You can take the pills whenever you feel dull or fatigue start occurring at any point of the day or night. The health supplement is popular in India and you can find many celebrities like Salman Khan promoting Revital on television advertisements.
Effects: One of the best benefits of Revital is that you can work more without compromising the demand and quality. Whenever you feel that you are letting down, take its a few pills and feel that difference.

It is a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and ginseng. Revial also improves mental and physical health.

Dose: You can take one or two capsule daily of Revital and feel the difference. Ensure that the dose may differ as per the individuals.

Side Effects: Overuse of such capsules can cause some health related issues as well. Therefore, it is advisable to take appropriate steps before taking such medicines. Use it in an appropriate way and read the instructions before taking the capsules.