How Religious Teaching Is Harmful for Kids?

Religious scriptures had been written in ancient times when there was no internet, media, telephone or any other indication of advanced technology. That era was none other than an illiteracy and superstitious period. A few men got together and wrote religious books that made take nowhere. Children are the new hope of every society. They are the future and their grooming decides how they will become. If they are forcefully put down by force to thoroughly study about old religious textures, their thinking will tend to become like ancient people.

Why Not Change With Time:

Change is a part of life and now it’s time for religions to make some important amendments. The religious teaching needs to be changed and bad practices should be removed from all the religions. This will revive the religions only and devotees will also become keen to know more about their respective religions.

Restriction of Faith:

The word ‘restriction’ creates so many doubts in my mind because God never says to discriminate people on the basis of religion, cast, creed, or skin color. Still many religious textures ask to do respective activities or not to follow religious textures or rituals of other religions. Is any religion is so weak that it will lose its faith if the mentioned restrictions are not followed? I don’t agree with this. Kids are taught to do or not to do certain things mentioned on religious books. If such activities are related to good or bad, it’s ok but if they bound anyone to not follow his/her normal wishes, there is some problem in the religion.

No Freedom of Speech:

New generation is a hope to come up with some fresh ideas that will help us make a better world to live in. Religious textures do not provide freedom of speech and restrict on certain grounds. In order to come up with new inventions, it is important to have freedom to express yourself. Young boys and girls should have freedom to say whatever they want and let them come out with some great stuff.

Terror In The Name of Religion:

In many religious schools terror training is also given. This impacts not only the mindset of young ones but also transform their lives into terrorism. From the early childhood they stay in touch with terrorists who teach them bad practices. Teaching of such terrorist activities cannot do any good to religion. Moreover, such types of acts in the name of religion blame that particular religion.

Takes Many Lives:

Killing of innocents in the name of religion is very common these days. Riots disturb people and even many of them get killed by extremists. And those who speak against religions suffer from the backlash in society. Genocide also happens in riots and many minority community people lose their lives.

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