Reasons and Symptoms of Headache

Commonly for headache we take the help of self meditation. We think that happens because of stress, tension or migraine. But usually ignoring headache is not right for your health because most of the time any serious disorder can become the main reason behind it. So in this case, knowing the reason of headache is very important. There are so many symptoms of headache. Sudden change in the diet and schedule, not taking the complete rest, sleeping too much, working late night in the office or home, not taking your meal regularly, hangover due to drinking, working on computer for so many hours and watching television in a dark room may be the reasons behind it.

Migraine and Cluster

The pain of migraine affects half part of the brain. It may create a very brutal pain with vomiting. The patients of migraine are very sensitive for loud noise and light. They have the problem with loud music as well. Sometimes the reasons of migraine are genetic. Physical emotion or hormonal factor is also attached with it. The reasons of cluster headache can also be genetic. Because of this eyes become red and they fill with water. Sometimes nose starts on running. The pain may start around eyeballs. This is very common in men. In reality, its main reason is body clock and it generates with brain nerves. Sometimes the pain becomes very terrible. In this situation doctors suggest to take steroid and strong painkiller.

Headache Due To Tension

Headache because of tension is very common. Temporally stress, tiredness or anger may be the reason behind it. In this situation, you can feel tightness of your muscles in your back and neck. For this you can take the help of relaxation method. Breathing exercise is another way to feel comfortable. Stretch your back and neck muscles and then you will feel relaxed.

Maintain the Records of Your Headache

Maintaining the record of your headache can help you find those patterns which create headache. Stressful period in a workplace, a communication problem or any special food item, whatever be the reason behind your headache, you can know them and later you can think about proper treatment methods. Actually headache points that there is some problem in our body.

When Food Can Be a Reason of Headache

In some cases a bad food habit becomes its one of the reasons. You will be surprised to know that chocolate is also included in such kind of diet. But not eating one chocolate, however if you take 4-5 chocolates then it starts showing the affect of headache. Foods such as brinjal, cheese, cabbage, canned fish, peanut and drinks like red wine, milk, coffee and ice-cold drink are also included in this list. In some cases, taking artificial sweetener or strait fruits can be the reason.

Common Headache

The common headache happens due to dehydration. Therefore, you should intake water regularly. It can look very normal but if you drink a lot of water, you will feel better than before.

What You Can Do To Protect You from Headache:

• Detoxify your body because tocsins can also be the reason of headache
• Do not eat junk food
• Take ginger with lemon and black salt, it will work like aspirin
• Take complete rest at night and focus on the quality of your sleep
• Daily exercise and also look for some yoga tricks
• Avoid the bad habits of skipping the meal and irregular snacking
• Do not spend your time continuously on computer or television
• Drink plenty of water; it will protect you from dehydration
• Eat almond because pain-relieving chemicals are present in it
• Cut lemon and rub it on your forehead, it will benefit you
• Laughing and smiling are another ways to protect you from miner headache. Doing this you will feel stress-free.