Protinex Mama Powder: Review, Benefits, Side Effects, Dose and Price

Protinex Mama is really a useful powder during pregnancy. It contains protein as well as other important vitamins, mineral, iron, etc. Pregnant women can consume it on a regular basis and it is easily available in the market. You can find it in different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, etc. Depending on your taste, buy the appropriate amount of Protinex Mama.

Benefits of Protinex Mama

It has lots of nutrients for women such as energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, iron, calcium, vitamins, zinc and a lot more. The beneficial diet powder is going to give you extreme usefulness. Make sure to use it in an appropriate quality for the best benefit.

Side Effects of Protinex Mama

Though Protinex Mama does not contain any side effect, it is important to consult your doctor once before consuming it. For the safety side, every pregnant woman should first consult her doctor and then only take it.

Dose of Protinex Mama

Half tablespoon of powder should be taken with 1 glass of milk. Take it once only in a day to avoid its excessiveness.

Price of Protinex Mama

You just need to pay Rs. 360 for 250 grams of powder and around Rs. 560 for 400 grams of powder. For more details about price, you can check any shopping website online or go to nearby medical store.