Power Prash: Review, Effects, Side Effects, Dose and Price

Power Prash is an effective Ayurvedic medicine which is used by men and women to improve their love life with their beloved. Mostly men use it to improve the erection and properly enjoy their life on the bed. With the help of Power Prash you can improve your physical relationship in a short span of time.

The medicine is produced by Dr. Ayurveda. This is a company which is popular for producing effective Ayurvedic medicines.
What is Power Prash?

Power Prash is a medicine that can be called as a dietary supplement. It can be used by both men and women who are unable to make physical relationship with their partner in a right way. It contains Ayurvedic ingredients to cure problems like impotence and premature ejection.


The Power Prash producer claims on advertisements that after taking it men regain their power. This helps them get back their best life in which they enjoy time with their wife or girlfriend. If someone is suffering from this problem since his childhood, there might not be the same effective result by using Power Prash. In this case it is better to consult the specialist doctor.

After talking this health supplement, you will start seeing its good results within a week. Power Prash also gives positive energy for a longer relationship with your partner. This is what every woman wants from her husband for complete satisfaction.

Side Effects

It is an Ayurvedic medicine that does not contain any side effects. However, it is necessary to use it appropriately. Before taking it, you should thoroughly go through the mentioned instructions. This would prevent problems that may lead to major troubles. Also ensure to never become addicted to such types of products and also believe in your natural power.

Dose of Power Prash:

Ensure that you take this medicine at night an hour before making relationship with your partner. Its one tablespoon is enough that should be taken with hot milk.

Price of Power Prash:

The cost of Power Prash is Rs. 2950 after 10% discount. Apart from this amount you might need to pay around Rs. 170 for delivery charges. You can check this amount with the vender while buying the product. Power Prash can also be purchased online via the company’s official website.

Here is a video in which Veena Malik is explaining how Power Prash can help in improving marital relationship and love life.