Power Prash Powder: Benefits, Side Effects and Price

Power Prash powder is a useful natural remedy to gain your lost energy. As it is made of Ayurvedic substances, it is purely safe product. ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a common problem in men. Because of this suffering men face various problems in their love life. This leads to break up and divorce as well. However, you do not need to worry about ED because Power Prash powder is the competent natural substance to cure this disease. With Power Prash powder you can improve your marital life and enjoy some memorable moments with your beloved.


Power Prash powder can also boost your diet and make you a healthy person. It improves overall health as well.

Benefits of Power Prash Powder:

Power Prash Powder rejuvenates the energy. With the help of this remedy you can boost your men power and enjoy your sexual life. Then you do not need to feel shy to meet your girlfriend or wife. After a few days of consumption of Power Prash Powder, you will start seeing its positive result.

Side Effects of Power Prash Powder:

Though Power Prash Powder is natural and Ayurvedic, it is important to consume it in an appropriate quantity. Make sure to check out its prescription and then only consume it. Also keep it away from children.

How to Consume Power Prash Powder?

Take a tablespoon of Power Prash Powder with boiled milk or water at night after your food. In case you get tired very soon, you can consider taking two tablespoon of Power Prash Powder, one tablespoon of the power in the morning and one at night.

Price of Power Prash Powder:

You can easily find Power Prash Powder in Indian market around Rs.2900 to Rs.3500. It is also possible to buy this Ayurvedic substance online through several e-commerce websites.