Overview of Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology includes a number of stories about the religion. It is associated with ancient Indian culture, Hindu gods and goddess, Karma (destiny) etc. Actually, Hindu mythology is a collection of traditional narratives about Hinduism, especially in Sanskrit literature like Puranas and Sanskrit epics. It also includes information about other religious literature of Asia.

Generally, the Hindu mythology is a subset of Nepali and Indian cultures.Instead of a single consistent and the massive structure, it can be called as a wide range of different traditions formulated by diverse religion groups and sections of the society, sects, philosophical schools, and inhabitants of Indian subcontinent.


You can find the roots of Hindu mythology that developed from traditional Hinduism came into existence at the time of Vedic civilization and Vedic religion. All four Vedas, especially the Rigveda’s hymns, include allusions to different themes. The tales, philosophy and characters that made Vedic myths are related to Hindu beliefs. Four Vedas are AtharvaVeda, RigVeda, SamaVeda and YajurVeda. Their texts also talk about mythological thoughts related to modern scientific theories.

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