One Nation One Law: Justice for Muslim Women in India

India is a democratic country with people of the different cast, creed and religion; yet the country governed properly without any discrimination. Recently, #OneNationOneLaw has become one of the trending topics in social media websites because Muslim women have started raising their voice against the biased Muslim Law Board where even fatwa is considerable as per the Shariah law.


Though the Islamic law is respectable by the Supreme Court of India, it also states that there should be a uniform law for all the citizens. Differences in law depending on religions is pretty confusion and unjustifiable, mostly to women.

Muslim Women Are Against Shariah Law Because of The Following Reasons:

  • Hijab
  • Polygamy
  • Triple Talaq (Divorce)
  • No Women Right

Hindus in India also changed their mindset and spoke against the Kangaroo Courts and Khaap Panchayat. When the world is changing and developing by treating their men and women equally, India should do the same.

In the recent judgement, the Supreme Court ruled that Sharia courts are not legal in India. Now, this is the right time for Muslim clerics to come in the support of one law for all in India.