Noteworthy News: Elected US President Donald Trump Is Good Or Bad for India?

Donald Trump is just elected as 45th president of the USA and he has strong ties with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His relationship with India is also very old as being a businessman he has so many properties in India. Trump towers in Mumbai are well-known. For the business perspective as well he is known be to very close to India. People are estimating that he will bring US-India relation closer than ever.


Relationship With PM Modi:

He seems to be supportive to Modi and even in his speech during election to Indian community he praised PM Modi and told that he likes his approach towards economic development. Trump told that he is a big fan of Modi’s India. It clearly states that he is gonna give helping hand to Modi and they will work together for the better ties between both the countries. India is a huge economy and emerging superpower. If Trump wants to counter China, India can play a big role in this. Trump can take help of Modi for economic and military counter on China.

Trump Against Pakistan:

Trump has repetitively mentioned that Pakistan is a more dangerous country than any other in the world. Pakistan is a haven for terrorists and it spreads terrorism throughout the world. India got some relief now that Trump is expected to take some strong actions against Pakistan and expose its wrongdoings.

Indian Migrants May Face Problems:

Trump has told that he will immediately deport illegal immigrant through the USA. Illegal Indians immigrants have a big percentage in America. But I don’t find anything wrong in it. Legal immigrants who belong to India have no problem to live in the US, only those who are living in the country illegally need to worry. Overall, it is a good initiative for America.

Economic Aid:

Trump will surely show interest to boost Indian economy and develop its infrastructure. India is a big market and American products have lots of scope in it. Trump is a successful businessman and he’ll not this great opportunity. He’ll surely do something for the Indian government to gain their trust and do some business with India.