Not Always Humanity Wins Over Evilness

Love, affection and sense of great feelings for someone who is far but not out of reach are common in lovers. But there is another aspect of life that is called evilness. You can easily find it in many people in your surroundings. It is really tough to fight against wicked things.

Time and again, I have to face many people filled with selfishness and ready to do anything to achieve their depraved targets. To remove them from the earth humanity plays an important role. But my dear friends it does not work always. There are times, when evilness wins over humanity. The main question arises here ‘how long evilness sustains?’ It may remain for a short period of time or forever.

In today’s cut-throat competition, when people are ready to kill others for the sake for money nobody can expect anything from me and you. So, where does the humanity exist? Is humanity available only in religious books? Are humans ready to help needy? Such types of questions create more confusion in people.

There are some positive signs as well which can open your eyes and let you see a dream world where only truth exists. However, when eyes open up and you come out of your dream, you will realize the difference in real world.