Negativity In Indian Media Should Be Punishable

Spreading negative views about the government work and its policies is the main objectives of media houses and phony editors. Media houses highlight the unwanted things in such a way that they look interesting to watch and read. But its consequence is really discouraging and many people also start thinking in the negative manner. They perform this action by criticizing the big political names. This stunt is not only hurting the mindset of citizens but their viewpoint towards the growth and prosperity completely get diverted.

If someone feels that his government is not involved in any good cause, it can affect his point of view toward society and fellow nationals. He may start committing crime or getting involved in condemnable acts. Spreading positive thoughts is essential tactic to safeguard the interest of the civil society. Media can play a big role in this. The publications have strong impact on the mindset of people. So it shouldn’t be influenced by any political ideology.

Media is considered as the strong means of communicating information. But in today’s time the mass communication industry is filled with money-driven business houses. These businessmen have strong support of political parties to run their business and move black money out of the country. Indirectly this is harming the country and the countrymen in an adverse way.

Those media houses which are involved in fake and demoralizing news need to be banned with huge penalty to prevent innocent people from their misleading stuff. Then only the difference between right and wrong journalism will be visible amongst nationalists.