Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, India Is In Fact Incredibly Intolerant!

Being a brand ambassador of Incredible India Campaign is a great honor for every Indian citizen. An ambassador is the representative of a country and when that person started speaking against his own country, it creates negative impact about the nation to the rest of the world. The same thing happened with Aamir Khan when he stated Indian environment as intolerant and talked about his wife’s suggestion to move out of India for the safety purpose. I think a different soul prompted the anchor of Satyamev Jayate TV serial where he used to talk in different tone. From ambassador to antagonist, he has gone through several phases in the past few months. He not only lost some bucks after being thrown out of Snapdeal sponsorship but his image as well in front of his follow citizens. He must have repented about his statement.

After discontinuing the Incredible India campaign he came up with a statement “India will remain incredible with or without me”. It’s not good for a husband to always listen to his wife. Sometimes he should ignore what his wife is saying and concentrate on other aspects of life. India is “Intolerant” should not be measured from one incident like ‘Dadri Mob Lynching’. Even India should not become “Intolerant” on the basis of religion. There are many riots that occur in India like “Malda” and “Purnia” which are not covered by the media. But “Award Wapsi Gang” and liberals never open up their mouth when such riots take place. They only speak when incidents are done against a particular religion.

Let me clarify that I am a strong supporter of free speech and I think everyone should have right to speak what is good or bad. I think one is free to speak anything until it does not spread a wrong message. Speaking against own country without knowing the facts is really not a part of free speech. Instead it is like betraying your nation.

In simple words “free speech always comes up with responsibility”.

When you are given the responsibility to represent the nation as an ambassador, it becomes important to open up your month by thinking a lot. Every damn word from a respected amabasdor’s mouth can damage his and his country’s image in front of outsiders.

TV serials and movies are different from real life. A hero of film can be the villain of real life. Though it is also essential to understand the sense of responsibility in movies too to avoid any backlash. Desrespecting Hindu’s gods in the majority Hindu country in PK movie was tolerated by Indians. No riot occurred in any part of the country. Still he still intorelerance is increasing in India. I think a country which is called heaven for the people of all religions should be treated in the most repesctful manner.