Mitron: Modi’s Way of Friendship

The use of Mitron by PM Modi in his speeches time and again has created a doubt in the mind of opposition parties. They are thinking that it is a new way to become familiar with innocent Indians. Recently, Mitron has also been trending on Twitter.

Doston and Mitron are great Hindi words that denote to a real friendship. If any politician calls citizens are their friends, what people will think of such friendship? Political or true friendship!

Vote Bank Friendship Or Friendly Relation

I have a doubt. Why PM wants to look for vote bank politics? He is already a Prime Minister of India and what else he wants in his country. I don’t consider it is a political stunt. Rather I think it is a friendly expression.

Selfie With Mitron

Modi has been seen several times taking selfie with people around him. This could be his friendly nature that he shares in public. Selfie has become a latest trend. It helps beautiful persons showcase themselves.

Bank Accounts of Mitron

Modi has opened millions of bank accounts of poor Indians throughout the country. People have been approaching on their own to open bank accounts. Even digital payments have become the latest trend in social media.

Joomla of BJP

BJP is known for Joomla, as per Congress and other opposition parties. Is Mitron another Joomla of BJP? May be yes, may be no. But BJP has to fulfil all its promises ASAP, if it wants to win the election of 2019.