Miss and Misses With Their Single Boyfriend

Love relation is hard to understand by misses or young girls. They easily fall in love with handsome guys and date them without knowing their background. Girls get in trap of playboys without much effort because those boys talk like the way misses like. Experience in love relationship or making love with many at one time is dangerous for any good relation.

Situations wherein a boy has so many girlfriends is tricky, especially when those girls are serious in the relation. Of course, that boy is not looking for a lifelong relationship with those many girls and just spending a good time. Cheating someone in falsehood is not appropriate for sustainable relation.


Lack of Time In Relation: A single boy can’t give enough time to all his girlfriends. Handling multiple girls is not so easy. Flirty boys learn tricks to impress girls, but they are mentally not too strong so they eventually lack in concentrating on every girl.

Less Expectations: When the boy does not give importance to all girls, they start decreasing expectations on the guy. Girls are more emotional than boys and it is important to understand that girls need to be aware of such guys to live happy without breaking their heart.

Distress: Girls mostly get distress in such relationship and those who are not mentally strong may take wrong steps that can harm them. Depression among young girls due to love relation has been increasing over the years.

Loneliness: Eventually the girls become lonely. Break-up mostly happens when a boy cheat many girls.

Miss and misses break their heart by getting involved to a wrong guy. Cheater boys seek innocent girls to use them for their benefit. But I would suggest to stay away from such guys and look for an honest and reliable boy.