Meaning of Karma and Dharma

What Is Karma?

Karma is decided by the actions performed by a person in present or past birth which determine his fate in this life or the upcoming incarnation. Karma is a way to make a difference in an individual from other things of the world.

Karma Is What You Do

Every good or bad action we perform is counted in our Karma and we are accountable for them. Even our thoughts for someone or something come into play while deciding Karma.

What Is Dharma?

Dharma is actually a Sanskrit word which has different meaning in Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Jainism: It is a moral virtue and also depends on an endless substance.

Hinduism: Dharma differs with different castes. It is a law which tells people how to act and it is an end of the life.

Buddhism: It is a reality for all people and one of the three jewels (Sangha ‘a community’, Dharma and Buddha).

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