Maximum Withdrawal Money from SBI ATM In One Day

A State Bank of India (SBI) account holder should know all the benefits available in its debit card. If you are also having an account with SBI, make sure to learn the specific amount that you can withdraw from ATM in a day because emergency can come at any time. That point of time a specific amount of money is worthwhile.


Daily Withdrawal Limit from SBI Debit Card:

  • You can withdraw up to Rs. 40,000 daily using Classic Debt Card.
  • You can withdraw up to Rs. 1 lakh daily using Higher Value Cards.
  • Annual Charge for SBI Debit Card:

The yearly charge to maintain SBI debit card is Rs. 100.

Types of Acceptable Cards at SBI ATMs:

Apart from SBI Debit cards the following cards are also acceptable at SBI ATMs:

  • State Bank Cash Plus International Card
  • SBI Credit Cards
  • Debit/Credit Cards displaying Master Card, VISA, Visa Electron, Maestro and Cirrus logos.
  • International debit cards can also be used for shopping, transaction of money and withdrawal from ATM. International debit cards work worldwide for the shopping purpose.

Withdrawal Limit with State Bank Cash Plus International Card Per Day:

  • Maximum withdrawal of money is Rs. 45,000 daily
  • Maximum transaction limit at POS is Rs. 1,00,000 dail

State Bank Cash Plus International Card can be utilized up to Rs. 1,45,000 each day. You don’t need to pay any transaction fee to use the card. However, the joining and maintenance fees are Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 respectively.