Maximum Cash Withdrawal Limit from YES BANK ATM Per Day

YES BANK is one of the leading private sector banks in India, headquartering in Mumbai. The bank provides its services to millions of customers in India. It serves a wide range of recommendable financial services. If you have a bank account with YES BANK, ensure that you have complete idea about its ATM usages. With complete knowledge about the maximum cash withdrawal limit from ATM, it would be convenient for you to make proper financial solutions. By using your ATM-Cum-Debit Card in a right way, you can get financial freedom to buy so many things within your estimated budget. Remember that nobody knows about the future and its troubles. There may be a situation in the upcoming days when you urgently need big amount money. During such emergency time you may require financial support that can be easily fulfilled if you plan your monetary plans in your day-to-day expenses. Though it is not possible to predict your future, you can secure your financial sources. You can instantly get the needed amount of money from YES BANK ATMs to meet your requirements.

There are hundreds of YES BANK ATMs throughout India. One can easily search a YES BANK ATM within a short distance. Whether you have a MasterCard, Visa or Maestro card, you can get money from ATMs to withdraw money or use the card to shop online. Money transaction from ATMs does not depend on the types of debit cards, but the withdrawal amount may differ among them.


Types of Debit Cards Accepted at YES BANK ATMs:

  • YES BANK Debit and Credit Cards
  • All Debit/ Credit Cards displaying VISA, Maestro and MasterCard
  • Prepaid cards with facility to withdraw money from ATMs

Daily YES BANK Debit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit from ATM:

YES BANK offers Gold & Silver debit cards with different money withdrawal limits from ATMs per day. Additionally, the cash withdrawal limit is mentioned at every YES BANK ATM. The maximum daily cash withdrawal limit from Gold debit cards is Rs. 75,000 and from Silver debit cards is Rs. 25,000.

Where YES BANK Debits Cards Can Be Used?

  • At Points of Sale terminals
  • For Online Transaction

YES BANK generally comes up with discount, rewards and other useful benefits on its Gold & Silver debit cards. You can avail such advantages simply by getting awareness about such useful deals. With a proper info, you can utilize the benefits in the best possible way and get financial freedom.