Maximum Withdrawal Limit from Kotak Bank ATM Per Day

Kotak Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit

Financial freedom with a Kotak bank account is incomplete without knowing its money withdrawal limit from ATMs. It is not possible to always use your debit or credit card for every small purchase that you make in your day-to-day life. So, it is important to always keep some cash with you. There are several ATMs of Kotak Bank throughout India. Even now you can withdraw money from other banks’ ATM machines too.

In emergencies, you might need a big amount. During that point of time, if you have an idea about the withdrawal limit, it would be a lot easier to meet your necessary requirements. You can use Kotak Debit-Cum-ATM Card for both purchases and cash withdrawals as per your requirements.

Daily Katak Debit Card Withdrawal Limit from ATM:

The withdrawal limit depends on the specific account maintained with the bank.

  • Kotak Edge: The limit of this account is Rs.51,000 per day.
  • Kotak Pro: Its maximum withdrawal limit is also Rs.51,000 per day.
  • Kotak Ace: The withdrawal limit of this account is Rs.1,26,000 per day.

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit from Different Types of Katak Debit Card:

Platinum Debit Card is accepted in all ATM machines that accept Visa Debit Card. Its daily limit of purchases is Rs.2,00,000 and ATM money withdrawal limit per day is also Rs.2,00,000.

Kotak Gold Debit Card (Business Class) offers unlimited cash withdrawals from Kotak ATM Machines all over India without any charges.

Platinum Debit Card (Business Power) provides unlimited withdrawal of cash from ATMs all over Indian and worldwide free of charge.

Gold Debit Card has a per day cash withdrawal limit up to Rs. 1,75,000 from ATMs. Kotak Gold Debit Cum ATM Card is suitable to purchases and financial freedom.

Privy League Platinum Debit Card offers unlimited access from ATMs where VISA cards are accepted.

Special discount and deals are offered on Kotak Bank Debit Cards. For this you have to keep on checking the bank’s site. Discount is usually available on holidays, flight tickets, movie tickets, shopping, different brands, books, gifts and many more. You can review the current offers available with the Kotak debit cards. Make sure to cross check the exact type of debit card for discount deals that can save your hard-earned money so that you can easily use it for other important purposes. Also keep an eye on the latest happenings and changes for Kotak Debit Cards to stay updated.