Maximum Withdrawal Limit from Axis Bank ATM Per Day

Money has become the necessity of life. We may require money at any point of point on urgent basis and it is important to make proper arrangements in advance to meet your all financial needs instantly.


If you are an account holder of Axis Bank, make sure to know its money withdrawal limit in one day so that you can get the required amount of cash without any problem. Though the bank has set certain guidelines to fetch money from its ATM, it is also necessary to have comprehensive detailed knowledge about them to make your cash related works easier.

In India, it is not possible to use your credit card everywhere. One or the other places are available like street vendors, wherein you only have to deal in cash. That’s why the need of cash transaction is too high in Indian society. So let’s check out what Axis Bank has to offer you in terms of withdrawing money from its ATMs.

Types of Cards That Can Be At Axis Bank ATMs:

  • Debit cards, prepaid cards (that allow card withdrawal from ATMs), ATM cards and Rupay card.

Maximum Withdrawal Limit from Axis Bank ATMs:

  • The maximum daily withdrawal limit from Axis Bank ATMs is Rs. 40,000
  • The maximum daily POS limit from Axis Bank ATMs is Rs. 1,00,000