Maximum Daily Withdrawal of Cash from Andhra Bank Debit/ATM Card

Andhra Bank is one of the most sought after medium-sized public sector banks in India. With a huge number of account holders, Andhra Bank renders its recommendable services and also ensures the benefits of its customers.


Money withdrawal from Andhra Bank debit card also matters a lot because you never know when you require a handsome amount. If you are aware of the amount that you can withdrawal immediately from ATM, it would certainly be beneficial for you to make your financial plans.

There are plenty of Andhra Bank ATMs throughout India from wherein one can fetch the required cash. Remember that in the era of credit card, net banking and online payment websites, the importance of cash still exists. You still need cash in your pocket, especially in India where you can’t use your other money transaction methods everywhere.

Maximum Daily Withdrawal Limit from Andhra Bank ATM:

The type of Andhra Bank you hold also matters a lot when it comes to daily ATM withdrawal limit. Withdrawal limit is also mentioned in every Andhra Bank ATM. If you want to use your Andhra Bank Debit Card in other banks’ ATMs, there is a limit of Rs.10,000 per transaction.

The maximum daily money withdrawal limit from Andhra Bank ATM is Rs. 1,00,000, whereas daily shopping limit Rs. 1,50,000.